Wenlivia is the ship name of Wen Gifford and Olivia White. They have a very close friendship and, in the extension scene, Olivia says that they are dating and Wen calls her his girl and they hold hands. While afterwards, when the band are performing their new song "Livin` on a high wire" Wen holds Olivia`s hand again and kisses it while looking into her eyes.

Wen GiffordEdit

Wen is classed as really the glue of the band. He is always there to protect Olivia when she needs help. They have a close bond and, by the way he looks at her, you can tell he really likes her.

Olivia WhiteEdit

Olivia is classed as the shy and awkward one of the band. You can tell that she has deep feelings for Wen by the way she cares for him. They are the closest out of the band to each other and get together in the second book.