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Wen Gifford
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Ginger
Occupation(s): Student

Lemonade Mouth´s Keyboardist

Family & Friends
Family: Wen´s dad, Georgie (sister) Sydney (step mom)
Other Information
Clique: Lemonade Mouth
Education: Mesa High School
Series Information
Portrayer: Adam Hicks
Wendall "Wen" Gifford is an upbeat happy teenager. He's best friends are Mo, Stella, Charlie and Olivia. Along with the rest of Lemonade Mouth he loves Lemonade . He plays keyboard and is an early supporter of the band. He is also a rapper and can write songs as well. He's in love with Olivia and shows it by kissing her hand during the song Livin on a high wire. He also starts to dance with Olivia in the song More than a band.Also, In the Extension Scene, Olivia tells everyone that she and Wen were dating(ish), Wen agreed and they held hands.