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Stella Yamada

Stella Yamada is a talented singer/guitarist. Stella is an intelligent, fearless, talented young lady who's just moved to a new town and a new school and is furious about it. Stella is the first one to realize that she, Wen, Mo, Charlie, and Olivia can form a truly killer band and she uses her determination, never failing energy and instint for causing a ruckus to ensure their success. In the book, Stella is the one who pursued her band mates to become a band in the first place. After spitting Mel's Organic Lemonade on the school bully (so she can defend her friends) she was called 'Lemonade Mouth' and it is stated in the book and movie that she was how their band was named. Stella also has a way of expressing herself through the way she dresses as seen in both the book and movie, but her style suits her personality well.Her family consists of her mom, dad, twin brothers, and older sister. In the book at first she thinks that she's too dumb to be in her own family after taking an IQ test and she thinks that might be the reason her mom ignores her all the time. Soon she realizes that she is important to her family, after her mom tells her that she is very proud of her for starting a revolution. Stella also has a way of convincing people to go her way. For example: When she convinced her principal to let Lemonade Mouth play at the Haloween Bash at their high school. Stella is too expressive in the beginning of both the movie and book which lands her detention in the first place. Her principal also thinks that because of her being a rebel, she might make a good principal because he states that he was just like her at her age. In the end of the movie, Stella winds up convincing Mel, an organic lemonade owner to fund an auditorium for the music program. Her influence is Sista Slash. In the Lemonade Mouth movie, Stella Yamada is played by the lovely and talented Hayley Kiyoko.