Ray Beech Edit

Ray Beech is a jock of the movie. He is in the band, Mudslide Crush. He is very mean, but he acts nice around the Principal. His enemies are the members of Lemonade Mouth. Ray bullies Olivia, abuses Charlie and teases Stella. Mo is left alone because of her relationship with his best friend Scott and Wen just avoids him and protects Olivia. Things got even more tense at the Halloween bash and when he, Jules and Patty surrounded Olivia at a turbo blast vending machine.

Ray is a popular kid, but his main friends are Patty Norris, Jules and Scott Pickett, who all end up leaving him for the Lemonade Mouth crew, with Scott joining the band and Jules and Patty being support. His main enemy is Stella, who in one scene, spits lemonade all over him and spontaneously gives the band their name by calling Stella lemonade mouth. After the Rising Star scene, no more is seen of Ray, but we just assume that he has become quite unpopular and has fallen into the background.