Olivia White (Bridgit Mendler) is a shy but sweet girl who can sing and play guitar. Her best friends are Wendall "Wen" Gifford, Mohini "Mo" Banjeree, Stella Yamada and Charlie Delgato.

She had stage fright until she joined Lemonade Mouth, due to Wen persuading her, she then got used to peforming on stage. She is the lead singer of Lemonade Mouth. Even though it is not mentioned in the movie, she and Wen Gifford are the closest friends of their band and seem to have special connection. They also have feelings for each other but they are not dating, even besides their awkward/cute moments.They finally reveal their feelings for each other in the extended edition scene, where Wen calls Olivia "his girl", after which Wen and Olivia then hold hands and he kisses her hand during their performance of "high wire". Her dad is in jail like they said in the movie.She is sensitive sometimes. She lives with her Nan as her Mom died and her Dad is jail.