The band.

REMEMBER Lemonade Mouth ISNT a real band. They were only in the movie.

Members -->

  • Supporters-->
  • Miss Reznick
  • Mel
  • Stacy
  • Olivia's Grandmother


  • Ray Breech(MAJOR ENEMY!!!!)
  • Scott Pickett
  • Principal Brenigan
  • Jules not really when she kisses stella
  • Everyone of Mudslide Crush.

A group of misfits who have met in detention. They are brought together by a single lemonade machine, Mel's Organic Lemonade. They are united against Principal Brenigan. Their music is generally pop. They are the laughingstock of Mudslide Crush, Ray Breech and Scott Pickett. But in the end, Scott turns from Ray and joins Lemonade Mouth as the new member. Their songs usually have a metaphor like More Than A Band. They were singing about how they're united and care about one another.